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2017 Race Schedule

Printable 2017 Race Schedule

Race Date Race
Km - Mi
July 28 July 29 C01 MAYNOOTH D01 MAYNOOTH 160 - 100
Aug 4 Aug 5 C02 COMBERMERE D02 COMBERMERE 187 - 116
Aug 11 Aug 12 C03 BISSETT CREEK


266 - 166
Aug 18 Aug 19 C04 MATTAWA D04 MATTAWA 270 - 168
Aug 25 Aug 26 C05 TEMISCAMING D05 TEMISCAMING 314 - 196
Sep 1 Sep 2 C06 BELLETERRE D06 BELLETERRE 387 - 242
Sep 8 Sep 9 C07 DORVAL LODGE D07 DORVAL LODGE 418 - 260
Sep 15 Sep 16 C08 VAL D'OR D08 VAL D'OR 475 - 295
Sep 21
Sep 23 SENNETERRE (OGB) 515 - 320
2017 Young Birds Flying Fees

Fees are for birds delivered to the Oshawa club - Additional fee may be assessed if birds need to be picked up outside of our routes.

There will be 2 races per weekend from the same station, "C" and "D". The birds will be released half hour apart "C" first and "D" second, "C" will have a shipping limit of 20 birds with an Average speed, Champion Loft and Champion Bird. "D" will have open shipping but none of the awards.

The "D" race is particularly for flyers who wish to fly more birds and therefore it will be open shipping and the fee is based on the number of birds shipped. See schedule below.

The Young Bird Fees for "C" is $150.00 - 20 birds shipping limit.

Each club must provide a database results to the Federation Race Secretary within 3 days following the race. The program to be used has to be either Winspeed or Winbird. Each club must use the same race program in order to allow the Federation Race Secretary merging all clubs. The race program to be used will be determined by the North East Federation in agreement with each club.

Weekly Developing Results and Race Results will be posted on this website including Average Speed, Champion Loft and Champion Bird.

YOUNG BIRDS: A commitment fee of $100, non-refundable is due on or before June 29th 2017. A $50 late payment fee will apply, for a total of $200 for the series.
20 birds shipping limit

See below for additional cost

21 to 30 Birds $50.00
31 to 40 Birds $100.00
41 to 50 Birds $150.00
51 to 60 Birds $200.00
61 to 70 Birds $250.00
71 to 80 Birds $300.00
81 to 90 Birds $350.00
91 to 100 Birds $400.00